Monday, May 18, 2009

Tokyo Zombie

Popcorn and a movie with Matthew!

My 70s air popcorn popper and a awesome movie with Matthew. Tokyo Zombie, directed by Sakichi Sato, this Japanese zombie- movie satire is based on the manga by Yusaku Hanakuma. This movie is super funny! Me and Matt loved it. These two guys Fujio (Tadanobu Asano) and Mitsuo (Sho Aikawa) who work in a fire extinguisher factory train between lunch breaks to fulfill their dreams of becoming jujitsu champions. But suddenly zombies invade Tokyo and they have to use there jujitsu skills to fight them off. Fast forward five years, the surviving people built a new city for everyone to live. Leaving the zombie dead outside. The only thing is the rich women run the city and leave the poor to become there slaves. But all Fujio and Mitsuo want to do is go to Russia and become great fighters. Tadanobu Asano and Sho Aikawa are great fun togetherm with emotional and hilarious scenes.

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