Monday, May 11, 2009

Food of the Gods...for a taste of Hell

This movie is hilarious. I loved it! Its based on the novel by H.G. Wells "Food of the Gods". This 1976 classic is about a group of guys who arrive at a remote Canadian island to go hunting and bro out. When they get there they soon discover that the island is inhabited by huge insects and rats. Who are hungry for human flesh. What they later find out is that thisunidentifiable ooze is what's making these animals so huge. The people who live on the island think the ooze is a gift from god and think they'll get rich from it. In reality it's mother natures revenge for all the pollution we cause. What's awesome about this movie is that they used mocel houses and real rats to make it seem like they're giant. Also, they have giant puppets of the animals that are super funny. The only thing i hate about this movie is the fact that they shoot the rats with red paint balls to make it seem like they got shot by and gun and are bleeding. Yes, rat are rodents and i hate them. But i hate seeing animals get hurt and the in movie you see the rats reaction to getting shot and its not good. I mean come on paint balls hurt! Also, at the end of the movie they show rats actually drowning, and its so sad. PETA must hate this movie, but you should definitely see it.

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