Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Heres some pick from my visit with erimm.
Pretty Erimmy and i went to the commissary in Monterey to go shopping for lotions and bday cards.

Then we went to the Cheery Bean in Salinas to visit danny.

After that we went over to the guys new house and hungout and played rock band.
Baby Adrian singing

Watching VH1

Mid-Night snack. We all were craving in-n-out!

Sleepy E-train

Super stonny Danny trying to model. Haha.
Sorry so short, im a sleepy head.


I made a loaf of banana bread today that came out great! It was so yummy. I wont be able to eat a lot of it because I'm going to be visiting Erimm for the weekend, but I'm sure Matt and his friends will eat it all up before i get back home. I would love to share this recipe, but its not mine to share. But i will be sharing other recipes of mine in the future. The loaf of the banana bread looks so huge on our stove, but thats just because we have a super tiny stove haha.

Friday, April 17, 2009


So for the past couple nights NBCs been shooting there pilot show called Trauma on our street, here in SF. Our street has been closed down, and the bus stops have been moved. They are filiming a drunk'n car crash. Its pretty funny watching them fake a crash over and over again just to get the right shot. They have lights set up on peoples buildings and fake traffic all around. Im pretty excited to see my apartment building on t.v. haha. Me and matt peeked out our hall window during shooting.

I couldnt get a good photo because the fire escape
was in the way, but you get the picture.

I guess a few weeks ago they closed down highway 280 to
stage a tanker- trailer explosion too. I got this photo
from SF chronicle. I wish i could have seen this.

After me and matt stopped being nosys watching the crowd build
up around our street. We chilled out, ate yum yumm cupy cakes that
i baked, and had some tea. While we watched some Spaced before sleepy time.

Matty devouring the cupcakes

Tea and cup cakes.
My Oly mug that i love.
I cant wait to go back to Olympia :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Once Bitten

I love this movie. Its a super cheesy 80s vampire movie, but its super funny. Once Bitten is basically about a horny high school boy, Mark (Jim Carry) who cant get all the way with his girlfriend. After a night out with the boys Mark ends up meeting the gorgeous Countess(Lauren Hutton). Who's more then willing to give Mark a good time. After there one night stand Mark starts going threw a change and cant get the Countess out of his head or out of his life. This is one of my favorite parts in the movie, the dance off. Everything Lauren Hutton wears is amazing. Shes soo pretty, and Jim Carrey is the best dancer. ha