Monday, March 30, 2009

6 more days!

I'm so excited for my erimmy to come back to me! We have to do some much while shes back because shes only visiting for a short while. I was thinking when she comes to SF we'd go get ramen and crepes in Japan town. The crepes are sooooo good. Me and Matt had went on a trip to Japan town this past week. The weather was so nice out we decided to walk there from downtown. We first went to a restaurant and had some yummy ramen. I was feeling a little sick that day, so it really hit the spot.

For dessert we got crepes! This was matts.
He got bannanas, whipped cream, and chocolate in his.
I cant wait to take erimm to have one of these.
She's going to love it.

ERIMMY! Post belly pictures!

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